Catholic Wedding Music

When a couple asks for Catholic wedding music suggestions, my first suggestion is to always consult the priest or music director/coordinator before proceeding. What is allowed and what is not allowed can vary among Catholic churches, depending on the diocese involved.

For example, some Catholic churches will only allow classical or sacred music. Others may allow popular music to be played during the prelude, but not once the wedding ceremony itself begins. Still others allow recorded music such as a CD to be played, while some permit only live music. So, in order to save time and frustration, check first!

Having said that, below is a list of songs that should be appropriate at most Catholic weddings----even though other denominations use some of them as well.

What follows are a few CDs that are collections of Catholic music, all of contain some songs that are suitable for Catholic weddings: Another resource that I found in my musical journey for Catholic wedding music is Wedding Music Suggestions. The nice thing about Wedding Music Suggestions is that songs are categorized as to where in the service they are suitable--ie.Gathering, Responsorial, Preparation of the Gifts, Communion, Nuptial Blessing, etc.

Christian Wedding Songs offers more songs that may be used in Catholic weddings as well.

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