Violin Wedding Music

Violin wedding music can be a lovely addition to your wedding. For example, who can deny the elegance of Massenet's Meditation?

While a violin can certainly be played as a solo instrument, it is most often accompanied by another instrument such as a piano, harp or as part of a string quartet. The reason is obvious: it creates a fuller and more complete sound.

As far as CDs are concerned, consider the following:

  • I Do, by violinist Gary Schnitzer, contains a terrific mix of 16 traditional-sounding classical and pop songs and features the violin joined by guitar, string quartet, piano and bass. Nice!

  • Romance Of The Violin is a CD by the young and amazing Joshua Bell. While not being a wedding CD per se, it does feature 13 songs that could also be appropriate as wedding music.

  • A self-proclaimed romantic, Pip Clarke's CD entitled After A Dream is another CD to consider. While not specifically designated as a wedding CD, it is nonetheless suitable as such. It features 17 classical-in-nature songs arranged for violin and piano.

  • Though not specifically a wedding CD, if you are looking for a Christian hymns CD for your wedding played by the violin and piano, consider The Lord Is My Shepherd by violinist David Kim which features 22 uniquely arranged songs.

  • On Wings Of The Wind, while not specifically a wedding CD (even though Be Thou My Vision on the CD is a hymn used frequently at weddings), is a violin and piano CD that contains 11 well-known hymn arrangements. If you like the classical style, you should like this one. It is available at Amazon as an MP3 download for $8.99
If you're looking for violin wedding music in the printed form, see:
  • The Violinist's Wedding Album for Violin and Accompaniment CD. It's a book to consider, because as the title says, it comes with an accompaniment CD. Great for indoor and outdoor weddings since the music that is to be played along with the violin is supplied on the CD! At 90 pages long, it contains an excellent song selection of 22 well-known classical pieces often used for weddings. Also, Sheet Music Plus provides a "look inside" feature which allows you to view a couple of pages up close so you can see the arrangement and get an idea of the degree of difficulty, etc. In addition, there are even sound links that allow you to listen to excerpts of 3 actual arrangements that are in the book.

  • 37 Violin Pieces You Like To Play is another book containing violin and piano arrangements, many of which are appropriate to a wedding. Once again, Sheet Music Plus provides the "look inside" feature to view a couple of pages up close.

  • The Lover's Waltz is a romantic waltz arrangement for violin and piano.
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