Choosing Your Wedding March Music

Imagine your wedding again.....

The prelude has just ended and the wedding march music for your bridesmaid(s) and you begins. Yes, it's time for your much-anticipated walk down the aisle! But've got to choose your music first!

Before getting into specific songs, a couple of general points come to mind.

  • When you stop to think about it, wedding march music really doesn’t last very long------depending, of course, on such things as the aisle length and how fast the wedding party walks!
  • Tip: Having played many wedding processionals, I have found that, since the adrenalin is flowing and excitement levels are high, the general tendency for the bridesmaid(s) and bride is to speed up their walking pace. The point? While a snail’s pace is obviously undesirable, you’re not in a 50-yard dash either! Pace your walk and savor those moments. After all, they’re yours!
  • In regards to wedding processional music, there are usually 2 different songs used: one for the attendants and one that is the bride’s wedding march music.However, that is purely a matter of personal preference. For example, smaller weddings that have one or two attendant(s) may opt for just one piece of music for both the attendant(s) and the bride’s wedding processional music.  So feel free to choose one or two songs for your wedding march music
    Listed below are some wedding march music suggestions. Remember, the songs listed are not strictly wedding processional music and may be used in other parts of the wedding. However, some areparticularly well-suited as wedding processional music.

    In most cases, clicking on a song title will link you to Amazon's downloadable MP3 song clip of that particular song.

    For those songs not linked to an MP3 song clip, clicking on the song title will link you to a CD containing that particular song. In those cases, the location of the song on the CD is listed right next to the song title.

    Also, for the classical music, the composer's name is listed in parenthesis beside the song title.

    Armed with that information, you're off and.................walking!

Wedding Processional Music

If you need a copy of it for organ or piano, Sheet Music Plus has both for $3.95.

The last notes of your wedding processional music have been played and now the actual ceremony is about to begin. Will you be lighting a unity candler performing the unity sand ceremony?

If so, visit Unity Candle Lighting Songs for some ideas.

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