Wedding Recessional Songs 

Time to look at some wedding recessional songs because it will be’ll be married!  All you need now is a jubilant wedding recessional song to play as you walk back down the aisle!

Since there is quite a bit of leeway in choosing your wedding recessional song, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

Perhaps a traditional piece is for you. On the other hand, maybe you both want a pop song that holds special meaning. 

Again, If your wedding is in a House of Worship, just remember to check with the clergy for any restrictions. (However, my experience has been that this is overwhelmingly not a problem.) So generally, it’s your call!

The following list includes both classical pieces as well as some contemporary ones.

It's exciting! You're married... so choose a jubilant, festive song for your grand exit!

 Wedding Recessional Songs

Just as mentioned on the wedding prelude songs page as well as the wedding processional songs page, many songs are suitable for more than 1 category.  

Since the following 6 songs have been covered on those pages, for more info on them, simply click on the song title & you'll go to the appropriate page where those songs and samples are listed alphabetically.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Mendelssohn's Wedding March)

I'd dare say that nary a girl hasn't heard this probably most famous traditional classical wedding recessional song...and I'd also say that brides either love it or they don't!  

And most have probably heard it performed on the grandiose organ which is majestic!  But of course, other arrangements do exist and the second sample here is performed by a string quartet, but you can just as easily have it performed, for example, on a harp & a piano.  If this song suits you, fine.  If not, choose another!

Best Day of My Life

Recorded in 2013 by American Authors, it has become a possibility as a wedding recessional.  The song title surely fits!

Happy (Pharrell)

By Pharrell Williams released in 2013 and on the Despicable Me 2 movie, has certainly had its share of popularity.  For a wedding recessional song, the instrumental version would most likely be best.

I Choose You 

This song by Ryann Darling is probably her most well-known piece and has been performed at countless weddings as the lyrics obviously fit.  It, too, can be used at various points in a wedding. 

Look At Me

If you're a fan of country pop music, this song recorded by star Carrie Underwood could be a nice fit for your wedding.  Actually, it's not just an appropriate fit for a recessional, but for part of the prelude or processional.


If you're looking for a light-hearted, upbeat tune that seems to hop along, this song by Jason Mraz could very well have you on your way after your wedding ceremony.

Rondeau (Mouret)

If you're familiar with PBS Masterpiece Theater, you'll easily recognize this Baroque era song.  If you're looking for a classical recessional piece, this would easily fulfill the requirement.  

The video above was chosen to showcase what can be done with this piece even on a smaller electronic organ with various organ stops available.  However, it can easily be performed on string instruments as well as on the piano which is the version below by the Piano Brothers.

Spring (from The Four Seasons) (Vivaldi)

Another classical blockbuster, Vivaldi's composition is an upbeat piece quite suitable for a recessional.

While it is often played by stringed instruments, as you can hear, a piano version easily rises to the occasion!

Toccata (Widor)

If you're looking for a jubilant and stirring classical song for your wedding recessional, meet this piece.  Often performed on an organ, as you can hear, it is entirely "doable" on a piano as well.  In its entirety, it is a length song, but no worry, it can be shortened. However, as you can also hear, this is for an advanced musician!  

Well, assuming that you've already planned all of the music for the rest of your wedding ceremony, you can sit back, relax, and give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.  If you chose your wedding recessional song first, you can visit wedding prelude songs and wedding processional songs for some tips and ideas.

So, what’s next? Well, if you're like most couples, you're probably thinking about what you want for your wedding reception music.

Wedding Dance Music can help you choose music for your first dance, the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance and  even some wedding waltz music is included!

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