Looking for a Fresh Processional Song?

The song entitled Butterfly Waltz could definitely be your answer...especially if you're looking for a contemporary, yet wedding appropriate, piece.

If you’re not familiar with this song composed by Brian Crain, take a closer look.  While in general, I’m not a huge fan of New Age music, this light & gentle piece can be quite suitable as a wedding song for more than one reason.  More on why in a minute.

But first, listen to the song performed by Brian Crain himself & see if it has possibilities for you.

With its delicate sound, it’s excellent for a piano & is especially perfect for a smaller, more intimate wedding setting (including an outdoor wedding).

It's a lovely fit as a processional for the bridesmaids and/or the bride.  It would also be equally suited for a wedding prelude.

Alright.  If you’re still with me, here are 3 benefits that I can see to using this as a wedding song:

First, as you can observe from the picture, it’s not a complicated piece so it’s rather easy to learn and play…and yet it sounds more difficult! 

No worries for your pianist looking at the sheet music and being terrified because of a complicated key signature along with zillions of black notes to be mastered!  Particularly valuable if s/he is not a “pro”.

Secondly, it contains pattern repetitions. This is good because, much like Pachelbel's Canon in D, that allows it to be easily "spliced" (ie. shortened) without sounding like it...a feat not easily accomplished with all songs. And why does that even matter?

Well, a “splice-able” piece is extremely useful in terms of adapting a song to the length of processional time required, depending on the number of bridesmaids, the aisle length, how fast the attendants/bride walks, etc. 

Thirdly, are you looking to add a special touch by having piano and stringed instrument duet?  Butterfly Waltz to the rescue again as there are also arrangements for piano (keyboard) & cello as well as one for piano & violin.  Beyond that, it’s also available in guitar tab form.

So, listen again to this piece and see if you can't "hear" a butterfly melodiously waltzing about!  If you decide you want this music, two sites that I frequently use for music downloads are MusicNotes.com and SheetMusicPlus.com.  You can also obtain it directly from Brian Crain.com.

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