Wedding Guitar Music

Wedding guitar music can be a great alternative for your wedding music needs especially if you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary!

It is also extremely suitable for outdoor weddings---no electricity or technology required if an acoustic guitar is used---and very easy to transport whether it's to the beach, a park gazebo or a private garden.

Not to say that the guitar can't be used in a traditional church wedding. An acoustic guitar skillfully played produces a beautiful sound and can certainly add a touch of class to any wedding whether classical or contemporary music is performed.

Without further delay, here are some options for guitar wedding music:

  • Acoustic Wedding: Mark Magnuson is available as either a CD or as an mp3. It's a nice mix of 20 classical pieces favored for weddings and it contains a few hymns as well.
  • Maestro Jerard Wedding Music is another CD that contains 23 songs that are a mixture of classical and love popular tunes which is nice if you're looking for variety.

As far as music in the printed form is concerned, I would suggest viewing:

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