Organ Wedding Music

Organ wedding music. In a way, there's nothing quite like it! For example, who hasn't experienced the majestic sounds of an organ as it plays a piece such as Widor's Toccata?

Of course, an organ isn't limited to just big booming sounds. Depending on the piece and with a skilled organist's touch, an organ can also produce soft, reflective sounds.

Adding to an organ's versatility are knobs or levers generally referred to as "stops", some of which can imitate the sound of a particular instrument. Obviously then, the trumpet stop makes it sound like a trumpet is being played along with the organ. Listen to Trumpet Tune and you can easily hear the trumpet sound.

"Stops" help make an organ such a versatile instrument that it can play a wide range of music.

The following are a couple of fine wedding music CDs featuring the organ:

Organ Wedding Music CDs

  • One is The Wedding Album by Anthony Newman, which contains an excellent selection of 28 traditional classical pieces played on a magnificent pipe organ by a real virtuoso.
  • Another one is pipe organ virtuoso, Kevin Bowyer, entitled For Weddings.
  • One more CD to mention is Wedding Music Sampler by John Siderius. I think this CD can be very helpful in planning wedding organ music because it contains 72 song samples along with background information, song lists, and a narration to help you choose your pieces. The music on the CD is traditional/classical in nature and contains some hymns as well. While being predominantly organ, some songs are with voice and harpsichord. Even though the song clips are not very long in length, I still feel it is a helpful tool.

Organ Wedding Songbook

If an organ wedding song book is needed, a choice might be A Special Wedding: Organ Music Book which contains 20 songs.

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