Trumpet Wedding Music

Looking for some wedding music for trumpet? Good! Since not many people incorporate trumpet wedding music, doing so will give your wedding a bit of a unique touch.

trumpet music

Actually, a trumpet is an excellent way to herald the bride's entrance. After all, 2 very popular pieces for wedding processionals are Trumpet Tune and Trumpet Voluntary.

If you're looking for CDs that feature the trumpet, consider the following:

More detailed information about the trumpet and its possibilities for weddings can be found on Richard Watson's website entitled The Trumpet Shall Sound.

Mr. Watson, a professional trumpeter, has a "Weddings" section. Of special interest is the Wedding Planning Tool. Even though the wedding planning tool is designed to be filled out and used to contact him, if you scroll down to question #7, you'll find specific song recommendations using the trumpet for each phase of your wedding ceremony along with some of his song clips. His site is definitely worth visiting if you're planning on using trumpet music in your wedding!

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