Unity Candle Songs

This page of unity candle songs is for you If you're lighting a unity candle or doing the unity sand ceremony in your wedding. Some of the following songs are especially appropriate for blended families.

While the exact history and origin of the unity candle is a bit "cloudy", it is mostly associated with Christian weddings in the U.S. It is not, however, a religious ceremony in and of itself, and for that reason, some churches--ie. some very conservative churches and some Catholic churches--do not allow it during the ceremony. Again, make sure you check!

Basically, the unity candle symbolizes one or both of the following:  the couple becoming one unit or the coming together of two families into one united family that rejoices in and loves the newly created union.

After jointly lighting the unity candle, often the bride and groom will then extinguish their individual flame. However, some couples choose to leave their individual flame lit, indicating that they are retaining their individuality amidst their union.


  • In general, unity candle songs are gentle and somewhat reflective in nature and can be performed instrumentally or vocally.
  • Lighting a unity candle doesn't take very long, so you may want to choose a song that is not extremely long. Remember that after you light the candle and return to your spot, you will basically just be standing there. For that reason, a hymn can be a good option due to its length. Vocal music can be another good option at this point, especially if the words have special meaning to you, and vocal music gives your wedding guests something to focus on.
  • If you do choose vocal music, make sure that the song's lyrics are appropriate for the moment.

While qualifying nicely for unity candle songs, the following songs are also suitable for other parts of the wedding ceremony such as before or after readings, after the vows are exchanged, after a prayer, and during communion.

As usual, click on a song link to go to an MP3 song clip of that particular song. Where an MP3 clip is not available, the link goes to the CD that contains the song. You can then locate the song on the CD and listen to a clip.

Unity Candle Songs

Now that you've decided upon music for the lighting of your unity candle or as special music within the ceremony, you'll want to start looking at some jubilant wedding recessional music to send you on your way...........

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