Father Daughter Dance Songs

Looking for a listing of father daughter dance songs? Well, this page should get you well on your way.

Once again, after reviewing, organizing and condensing information from several sources, the following list was created and contains the most frequently-mentioned songs and represents a variety of musical styles.

The father daughter dance can be a very special moment as opposed to being just another formality at the reception.  If you and your dad have any special song between the two of you----even though it might not be known as a father daughter dance song or it leaves your guests scratching their heads----use it anyhow!  It's bound to be perfect because it means something to you and your dad.  What could be better?

Father Daughter Dance Songs List

A Father's Love

This song, performed here by Caleb's Crossing, is definitely lyric-worthy of the occasion.  It also has a bit of an additional angle to it as it speaks not only of the love an earthly father has for his daughter, but also speaks to the Heavenly Father's love for all of us.  Listen to the complete video and you'll see what I mean.

A Song For My Daughter

Sung by Ray Allaire, this song's words sum it up:  "Now it seems I only turned around/And I see you by his side/Oh, I can't believe my eyes today/My daughter is a bride."

As You Dance

Written and sung by Benny Reid (who is also a saxophonist!), listen to its emotional lyrics which put it right up there in the list of father daughter dance songs.  

Butterfly Kisses

While this song is also used in other parts of a wedding, this video features it under atypical circumstances for the father daughter first dance wedding song.  It is emotional and shows how important the love of family and friends really are in life.  


From Abby Anderson, this is a song from daughter to father with nice lyrics.

Daddy's Angel

This country song from TCarterMusic also has tender lyrics.  Could it be your father daughter dance song?

Daddy Dance With Me

Krystal Keith wrote & performs this country song from around 2013 which she wrote to surprise her father on her wedding day!  A rather touching surprise in reverse you might say!

Daddy's Girl

While this video doesn't show a dancing wedding couple, it does show the lyrics which contain a spiritual tone at  a point in the song.  Also, at 3-1/2 minutes long, it's a good dancing length!

Dance With My Daughter

Performed here by Canadian-born country artist Jason Blaine, see if these tender lyrics are a fit for you. 

Daughter Of Mine

If you like songs with an Irish Scottish flavor, consider this song.  Sung here by John McDermott, it has very appropriate lyrics for the occasion.

I Loved Her First

Recorded by the American country group Heartland, the lyrics say it all from infanthood to womanhood.  A lot of people liked this song as it reached No.1 on the Hot Country Billboard Songs Chart in 2006.

Isn't She Lovely

You've got to watch this endearing video of Stevie Wonder's 1975-6 song!  As you'll see, it truly is a family affair!

My Baby Girl

With a country flair, I'll let the words tell the story.  You decide if it's for you!

My Girl

Here's a change of pace from country music.  If you like soul music, there's the song, My Girl, recorded by The Temptations in 1964, to consider.  You've got to give this father credit in this dance!

My Little Girl

Wow, can't get much more authentic than this!  Imagine the song's co-writer and recording artist, Tim McGraw, performing it at your wedding reception!  Lyric-wise, it's another "hit" as it speaks of a father's love for his daughter on her marriage.

My Wish Came True

This song is unique in that it speaks not only of a father's daughter, but gives an "endorsement" so-to-speak of his daughter's new husband.  It's worth listening to.

The Angel In My Arms

This may not be as famous as some of the other songs presented here, but it is definitely worth looking at.  It has a smooth melody and very thoughtful and tender lyrics.

The Way You Look Tonight

If you're looking for a father daughter dance song with "swing", consider this one...done here appropriately by a father and daughter!

This Dance

By Scott Thomas Laughridge, this might be a song that you're unfamiliar with as its release was in 2018.  But if you're tempted to skip over it, listening to the lyrics may make you glad you didn't....your decision!

Through The Eyes Of My Father

If you're looking for a father daughter wedding dance song that is of a strong spiritual nature, then this song by Brianna Haynes could be just for you.

You'll Be In My Heart

Straight from Disney's 1999 Tarzan animated movie, this is a choice amongst Disney fans.

You're My Hero, Dad

Most people call it the father daughter dance song, but we might call this one the daughter father dance song,  because it's written from the perspective of a daughter to her father.  The lyrics fit nicely for a special dance!

  • I Hope You Dance
  • Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)
  • Unforgettable
  • What A Wonderful World
  • You Are The Sunshine Of My Life