Mother Son Songs

Mother Son Songs....which one to choose for this poignant time?  

After all, this emotion-filled dance somewhat represents the culmination of the period of a mom raising her son and now stepping back and allowing a new "first lady" take her place.  

So, if you haven't already chosen a song, hopefully this page will provide you with some ideas in your search for that perfect song to create a memorable couple of minutes for both the groom and his mom.

On the other hand, if you've already chosen your mother son song, then great!  Have you chosen your father daughter dance song yet?

Mother Son Songs List

A Mother's Song

This country music styled song from T Carter Music is definitely one to consider.  Read the lyrics!

A Song For My Son

From 1991, this song by a mother, Mikki Viereck, is certainly not new but its message is timeless.  It also has an easy listening, flowing sound.  Also, it's only about 3 minutes in length and it has very appropriate lyrics for the occasion.  It's definitely  worth a listen.

All To You

Definitely an upbeat song with a country flavor also complete with great lyrics!

Because You Loved Me

Forever Young

By Bob Dylan in 1973 & probably most recently known being sung by Rod Stewart, as the groom in this video says, "Pay attention to the lyrics!"

It Happens In A Heartbeat

Couple a nice, easy flowing dance tempo & a mother's heartfelt words with a roughly 3 minute length, and you have another great option for a mother son song.

Love Him Forever

First of all, this tender ballad-like song's tempo makes it good for dancing.  However, what differentiates it from other mother son dance songs are the lyrics.

The first part of the song is a mother's request to her new daughter-in-law to "please love him forever", while the second part of the song speaks to how much her son means to her (his mother) by saying, "I'll love you always, my son of mine", and the third part admonishes her son to always love his new wife forever, by saying "And I see now she is your best friend/Please love her forever."  Seem like very inclusive & inspiring words!

My Wish

Not much more needs to be said about this song recorded by Rascal Flatts.  While it is used in various settings, it has the potential to be used as a mother son song.

One More Dance With My Son

The lyrics that say "Now that your new life has begun/Can I have just one more dance with my son" pretty much sum things up!  

Seems Like Yesterday

If you're looking for a mother son dance song with a Christian flavor, consider this song with its lyrics.

The Man You Have Become

From the genre of classic contemporary rock, once again it's about the lyrics, some of which say "Just when I tell you I couldn't be more proud than I am right now/You go and do it again/So glad that you're my son/Keep being the man you have become."

The First Lady In My Life

Another easy-to-dance-to song.  A little bit lengthy, but it could be spliced if you find the song's general  sentiments appealing.

The Perfect Fan

Recording by the Backstreet Boyz, this song's lyrics make it a good choice for a mother son song.  While it's a bit long at slightly over 4 minutes, if you like it, don't let that bother you as DJs can do wonders with song lengths!

Wedding Coat

Probably not a well-known song, this is a unique song with a nice message written from the perspective of a mother to her son.  See what you think! 

What A Wonderful World

I know, I's true that this song is often used elsewhere in a wedding, such as for the father daughter dance song, or even as the first dance wedding song, but the truth is, it's also not infrequently used for the mother son wedding dance song.  And why not?  The lyrics possess universal appeal.

You've Got A Friend In Me

Attention!  This is a mother son dance, but with a twist:  The bride is the mother & she is dancing with her son...not with her new husband! I told you there was a twist here!  But the video is short in length and is worth a watch for a light-hearted dance.  Incidentally, as it is in this video, this could be an idea for an atypical bride.   

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