Christian Wedding Songs--A Heavenly Touch? 

When discussing wedding ceremony music with couples, I often find    that, while most always request some secular music, many couples want their Christianity reflected as well..irregardless of the wedding venue itself.

Christian wedding songs is a rather broad category and includes specific subcategories such as Catholic wedding songs and wedding hymns which are discussed on their own respective pages.

To be sure, these songs can be placed in numerous parts of the ceremony, be they in the prelude or within the ceremony itself & can be strictly instrumental, congregant singing, or performed by a vocalist(s).

In fact, because of their very nature, the songs in this Christian wedding songs group have nice lyrics which make them especially useful for vocalists & can add a meaningful touch to a wedding.

In particular, over the last 4+ decades, contemporary Christian music has experienced such rapid growth as new Christian music artists have burst onto the scene. 

For quick reference, 2 lists have been created:  One of contemporary Christian wedding songs and one for the more traditional songs.  

Contemporary Christian Wedding Songs

Bless The Broken Road 

Made famous by Rascal Flatts, this country-flavored song has become a popular choice for weddings.

The first sample above is of a real-life wedding & fun to watch while the second is strictly a piano instrumental version that is more subdued, shall we say!

Cherish The Treasure

Sung here by the talented tenor Steve Green & his wife, while not new, its lovely melody and excellent meaningful lyrics for a wedding have retained its use at weddings.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery in this video clip while listening! 

Household Of Faith

Again, while not a "new" song, it is another very appropriate song for the occasion sung on this clip by Steve Green & wife.

How Beautiful

By Twila Paris, this piece is also apropos.  I've chosen this video clip for a few reasons, one being that she talks about music appropriate for a Catholic wedding (this song is used in other denominations too) and right at the beginning she says to make sure you check with the officiant first about song choices.   Does that advice sound remotely familiar?! :)

At any rate, if you wish to go directly to the song clip, it can be found at minute 2:40 in the above clip.

I Will Be Here

This video clip is a friend singing Steven Curtis Chapman's song during the lighting of the unity candle.  In all honesty, the song is a bit long for this ceremony, but if it works for you, that's all that matters!  You can find ways to shorten it & of course it can always be performed instrumentally.

Love Will Be Our Home

Not purposely trying to list songs from the 80s & 90s, it just happens that there were some contemporary styled songs that were written during that time period that just happen to have lyrics that are particularly  appropriate for this section.

Make Us One

Co-written by Michael W. Smith and Cindy Morgan, while not specifically for a wedding, it is applicable.

Only God Could Love You More

Listen to the lyrics and see how nicely they fit into this ceremony.  Another plus? It can be done in under 3 minutes!

Two Becoming One

A little bit long, but can be shortened by selecting the verse(s) you want.  Again, this Christian song has lyrics that lend themselves very nicely to this ceremony.

When God Made You

Again, the lyrics make this song appropriate for the moment.  

Traditional Christian Wedding Songs

Ave Maria (Bach Gounod)

  No doubt this song is well-known to everyone so little more needs to be said.  While often performed vocally, this is a relaxing instrumental version.

Ave Maria (Schubert)

Again, a song well-recognized by most people & often performed by a vocalist, this beautifully reverent version of Schubert's Ave Maria is performed with great emotion by a cellist and pianist.

Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring

This sacred Christian song is used in various parts of a wedding ceremony, be it part of the prelude, or as a processional or recessional.  Either way, there are plenty of arrangements available for various instruments.  Because it does repeat, it is a particularly easy song to end practically wherever it needs to.

Panis Angelicus (O Lord Most Holy) (Franck)

Simply stated, this is a beautiful piece whether it's performed vocally or instrumentally. 

The Lord's Prayer (Malotte)

This beautiful impactful Christian song always inspires as it builds to a crescendo near the end, then draws back for the "Amen".  I have performed this vocally at a wedding. If this is one of your song choices, you'll be able to hear a pin drop when it's finished.

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