Church Wedding Songs

Church wedding songs.  When helping couples decide upon their wedding ceremony music, I find that, while they nearly always request some of their favorite secular music, many couples want their spirituality reflected as well--and this often holds true irregardless of the wedding venue.

To make things easier, I've further broken down the topic into the following 3 most common categories:

Now, just a couple of "finer points" as they say.  There is some overlap here. For example, Catholic  songs are, of course, also Christian songs and are sometimes use in other denominations as well.  They are separated out here, however, because there are songs that are specifically Catholic in nature, and it makes perfect sense that those who are Catholic may well be searching for songs that are particular to the Catholic faith.

Wedding hymns is a category of its own simply because it is another subset of church wedding songs.  Hymns are often very familiar to vast numbers of church-going people, and thus can be a great addition to a wedding ceremony for a few reasons including the following:

  1. It's a great way to actively involves those in attendance---if a well-known hymn is chosen, of course.  If an obscure one is chosen, and I definitely don't recommend this, the singing participation will be very low as people don't like to sing what they don't know!  You want a good singing response, especially if it is being recorded.
  2. Hymns are often shorter that other songs and this can be well controlled by the number of verses sung.  My suggestion here is to choose a maximum of 2-3 verses whose words have special meaning to you.  So in all, it fits well into a wedding.  
  3. Hymn singing can also take eyes off of the bridal couple for a couple of moments, therefore giving them, shall we say, a bit of "breathing room" for just taking a deep breath or securing a tissue, or for asking the officiant a quick question.

Hopefully, this break down will make your exploration of church wedding songs easier and quicker!

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