Looking for Instrumental Wedding Music

To be sure, there is a wide range of instrumental wedding music available.

Most church weddings rely primarily on the organ or piano to provide the majority of the wedding music. Some couples choose to include another instrument for that extra special touch. For example, it could be a trumpet to herald the bride's entrance or a bagpipe for a Celtic flavor.

On the other hand, some bridal couples forgo the traditional organ and piano and may opt, for example, for a string quartet or harp for all of their wedding music.

At any rate, there are plenty of options! At the bottom of this page, instrumental wedding music has been broken down into specific instrument categories.

However, before moving on to those, the following general instrumental CDs are worth considering. By the way, the word "general" here refers to CDs that feature a variety of musical instruments.......with the exception of the CD by the Lumiere String Quartet.

The Complete Wedding Album: There Is Love contains 35 mostly classical songs (a handful are more "pop" tunes but wedding classics nonetheless) performed by a wide range of instruments such as harp, organ, brass, orchestra, piano.

A Bride's Guide To Wedding Music is a 3-set CD collection that contains 61 classical pieces suitable for wedding and features organ, piano, trumpet, voice and stringed instruments. Quite a selection!

Or consider the ever-popular CD: The Knot Collection Of Ceremony & Wedding Music which contains 23 songs featuring all types of instruments including the cello, organ, trumpet, strings, violin and even choral arrangements. All the pieces are classical and the CD comes with a wedding music guide that suggests what song to use and where in the wedding to use it!

Classical Wedding Music by The Lumiere String Quartet is another wonderful CD to consider which contains 35 songs of the classical genre. If you're looking for music performed by a string quartet, you've found it. Elegant!

OK. Looking for the specific instrument categories as promised above? Here they are.........