The Irish Wedding Song

What better song than the Irish Wedding Song for a Celtic or Irish wedding? Composed and copyrighted in 1976 by Australian Ian Betteridge, this song can be used either at the wedding ceremony itself or as a wonderful wedding entrance song at the reception.

Note:  If all of the verses are sung (which is a nice idea since it completes the message) and the chorus is repeated after each verse, the song can be a bit lengthy. Bear that in mind when choosing the song's placement.

Speaking of the lyrics, they are as follows in their entirety:

Verse 1

Here they stand, hand in hand
They’ve exchanged wedding bands
Today is the day of their dreams and their plans
And all we who love them just wanted to say
May God bless this couple who married today.

Verse 2

May they find peace of mind comes to all who are kind
May the rough times ahead become triumphs in time
And may their children be happy each day
Oh God bless this family who started today.

Verse 3

As they go may they know every love that was shown
And as life it gets shorter may their feeling grow
Wherever they travel, wherever they stay
May God bless this couple who married today.


In good times and bad times
In sickness and health
May they know that riches are no need for wealth
Help them face problems they’ll meet on their way
Oh God bless this couple who married today.

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