Wedding Dance Songs

For wedding dance songs, it could pretty much be said that the sky's the limit!  

For that reason, I'm going to leave the broader topic of wedding reception music (including wedding entrance music, background music as guests dine, and other general reception music), and some of the wedding dance songs topic to the DJs of the world.

After all, that is one of their specialties, so they know the "ins & outs" of it.

  • Remind yourself that, while certain dance songs are more popular than others, a song's popularity is not really the point.  Obviously, any song that holds special meaning to you as a couple and/or to your families should receive your special consideration.  After all, it is your reception, and you and/or your family/families are paying the bill, so have what is important to you.
  • As your guests dine, ensure that the background music is light enough in sound so that your guests can easily converse.  I've been to many a wedding where it became a shouting match to converse with others.  Definitely not guest-friendly!

  Having said the above, clicking on the links below will provide you with some specific suggestions applicable to its category:  

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